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This is your guide to fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation for Northwestern Ontario - Canada's Great Outdoors.

Welcome to Canada's NW Ontario to "Catch Canada Fever"

So.... you're thinking of making a camping trip to Canada for the fishing, hunting or wilderness adventure trip of a lifetime. Well you’ve come to the right place to start or should I say one of the right places. The Patricia Regional Tourist Council maintains a series of websites each targeted to a particular sector of the tourism industry in our vast wilderness area of Canada’s Heartland. The fishing here is second to none with our primary fish species being walleye, northern pike, musky, trout and smallmouth bass.

This particular site is dedicated to the RV Parks and Campgrounds of the region along with the fishing and hunting lodges that offer camping or RV facilities as part of their services. In fact, in our neck of the woods most of the RV and Camping services are offered by the lodges and resorts rather than by stand alone campground facilities. For clarity there is no fixed difference between a fishing/hunting lodge, resort or camp other than in name alone. Generally speaking a resort would be more family oriented and have more extracurricular activities than a fishing lodge or camp, but this is not a forgone conclusion one can draw simply from the name "Resort".

The fishing lodges, resorts and camps of Canada’s Heartland come in 2 basic flavors: American Plan Camps (those camps with dining room facilities) or Housekeeping Camps (those without meal service). The advantages of checking into a Resort or Lodge that offers a campground or RV park facility are many. First you get access to all the knowledge and support of the resort staff and they also have boat and motor rentals, guides, bait and tackle available. Many have fish fry nights, family get togethers and water sports just to mention a few things that come as a bonus to camping at an outfitter’s facility.